Growing up with a female figure in your life, such as your mom can be so impressionable and important to someone. When your lack this bond between a mother and child, it can bring emptiness to their life. 

Everyone has a different relationship with their mother and with writer Christy Lawler this is no different. Christy was in and out of foster care since she was 15, her mother was never present in her life. As an adult she was constantly searching for the feelings other had with their mothers. It was based her own life experiences and 120 strangers that “Missing Mom Pieces” was written.  During the two years it took her to complete this book, it brought more confidence in her life.  Christy states “I do not want it to change my life, I want it to change others”.  She saw how broken people are with some of their responses.

This book is sure to open your eyes to different views. Christy gives you a chance to be honest with your feelings with each chapter.

In the end, will you share what you learned with your mom?

Christian author, Christy Lawler resides in East Freedom with her husband. She continues to care for others as a volunteer, Chaplin New Life Alliance Church and as an active member of the community. 
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