Based on a single idea 8 years ago, the New Life Wood Ministry started. This dedicated group works year-round to provide heat/firewood to the needy. Whether you’re a single mom, family, elderly person or veteran, they are here to help. Not only do they deliver wood, but they spend countless hours of their time searching for a source to get more wood from, splitting it and then delivering to those in need. They do not pick and choose who gets the wood, “it’s all in God’s hands”, states John E Lawler.

John and his wife Christy are part of the New Life Alliance Church in East Freedom and are one of many who devote to this ministry. With this program, they build new relationships with others. They also recently started donating holiday meals. This past Thanksgiving, their family and friends traveled over 600 miles delivering over 55 meals to those deserving in just two days. Christmas, they extended their meals to 76 families and provided over 100 children with gifts.

This special ministry not only helps heat the homes of our community it also is a relationship builder. John said, “Problems these days are people do not know their neighbor. We hope this story inspires you to show your value for someone else. Go mow a lawn, anything that helps build your relationship with your neighbor. “

The New Life Alliance Church helps with some of the basic funds, like gas, wood, oil. Overall to continue this ministry, they need to update their wood conveyor. It would make their job easier and more efficient. Recently they created a GoFundMe to help with some of the costs involved with purchasing this piece of machinery. To learn more about the New Alliance Wood Ministry and how you can help call Christy Lawler at 814-386-2504 or visit…